The Integrated Solution For Training Providers

EduFrame helps training providers to run their business even more successful. This application is targeted at commercial training providers rather than higher education. It integrates the training administration completely with the website and learning management system Canvas. EduFrame helps to generate more revenues and save loads of time and effort on administration activities. It allows training providers to fully focus on their core business: teaching.



Improve Student Retention With Actionable Learning Analytics

The wealth of data generated by applications like the modern Learning Management System Canvas provides new opportunities to monitor student activity. StudyCoach presents a complete overview of relevant learning analytics to study coaches and teachers. These insights help to identify at-risk students and take targeted actions to improve student retention. Our app seamlessly integrates with the Learning Management System Canvas and other data sources.



Let Students Actively Work With Feedback

FeedPulse is an easy to use feedback tool to enhance the learning experience for students, not comparable to traditional feedback applications. FeedPulse lets students actively work with the feedback they receive. Linear learning behavior is stimulated and students can be assessed based on cumulative evidence, rather than a single measurement.

Qualtrics Integration

Our Qualtrics LTI application seamlessly integrates Qualtrics with Canvas LMS, allowing Canvas users to easily create, submit and manage Qualtrics surveys in Canvas courses.

Surveys are set-up as Canvas assignments, and are an integral part of the course. The assignments - and due dates - are shown in the ‘To do’ section and Calendar. After completing a survey, the submission gets registered in the gradebook. This helps to make evaluations part of the learning experience, and not a separate task to be done after completion of the course.

Admins keep the overview and get in control by managing the distribution of templates. This helps them to gather information and feedback in a structured way.



PeerConnect presents rich information about participants directly in Canvas LMS to get them connected and stimulate in-class networking. Networking is an important part of the learning experience for many schools, PeerConnect facilitates this and provides options to enhance the user experience with an institute specific branding.

OER Write

Legal Document Collaboration Made Easy

Writing and coordinating legal documents for different academies in an institution can be a challenge. OER Write makes this process a breeze by providing a collaboration platform and template editor. No need for endless Word revisions anymore!


Canvas certified partner
Our apps are formally reviewed and certified by Instructure as part of our partnership. 
This way we offer your faculty, teachers, and students a seamless learning environment.

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Drieam enables higher education, commercial training providers & business schools to deliver the ultimate learning experience with Canvas. We do this by leveraging the best software out there, including our own solutions. All seamlessly integrated.


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