Business schools & commercial training providers

Drieam helps commercial training providers & business schools to get the most out of Canvas.

Combined with our Student Information System Eduframe, we offer a complete proposition to attract more students and manage program delivery for both B2B and B2C.


The core of our proposition is Eduframe, our student information system specifically targeted at commercial training providers and business schools. Eduframe is an open platform, seamlessly integrating & leveraging the best software out there for education. This includes Canvas and Salesforce. More information is available on www.eduframe.co or www.eduframe.nl  


Canvas LTI apps

Enrich Canvas with Drieam LTI app for Canvas. Used by leading business schools like Vlerick, IMD and Insead. Our apps visually integrate into Canvas to deliver the best user experience for students, teachers and administrators. 

Qualtrics LTI

Integrates Qualtrics with Canvas, allowing users to easily create, submit and manage surveys in Canvas courses


Stimulates networking by providing students with relevant information about their peers

Canvas course templates

For an excellent user experience with Canvas LMS, completely tailored to your school



"Drieam shared best practices for project management, functional usage of Canvas, course design for Business Schools and clear guidance on didactics, we were able to successfully conclude the project, create course templates and draft up a plan to roll out Canvas within the entire organization.”  

- Gerdien Schriek Application Manager Nyenrode Business University



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About Drieam

Drieam enables higher education, commercial training providers & business schools to deliver the ultimate learning experience with Canvas. We do this by leveraging the best software out there, including our own solutions. All seamlessly integrated.


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