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What's new?

May '21

  • Assignments - Submissions of annotations

  • New quizzes - Save button

  • Course template functionality

Assignments - Submissions of annotations

Various submission options are visible under assignments. Starting with the new release in May, it is possible to use this assignment type to upload a file that students can edit and return to Canvas.
This new feature gives teachers the option to submit a file as a template for students. Students can edit this file immediately and submit it as an assignment.

Two important notes:

  • Anonymous peer reviews are not supported for student annotation assignments.
  • Annotation assignments cannot be used for group assignments.

Lecturer perspective:

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 12.12.27

Student perspective:

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 12.12.34

New Quizzes - Save button

Work has been put in the workflow of the New Quizzes. A button has been added so that the workflow now matches the other quizzes.

The "Save" button goes to the quiz overview or the module overview.
The "Compose" button goes to create the questions

Course template functionality

In addition to the Blueprint functionality, there is now also the Course template functionality. As an admin, the course that you want to use as a template for other courses of a sub-account, can be set up by means of this function: course template

There are two steps you need to take:
You create a course template course from courses that you want to use as a template.

The second step is to link a course template to an account or sub-account.

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 12.16.43
Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 12.16.53

Pay attention!

  • If you link a course template to an account / sub-account, all newly created courses will receive the course template content. In addition, there must be a course template, no enrolments.
  • Another note using Course Templates: When copying courses, there's no template use. It only applies if you actually create a new course (+ course).
  • Finally, there is a big function difference with blueprint courses; With course templates there is no connection between courses and the course template. As a result, no changes can be made. This is possible with Blueprint courses.

This Course Template functionality is good to use in combination with our Course Templates. A course template built by Drieam is a suggested setup for a Canvas course, usually including a home page and further course pages that may be required. Each course template is the result of a workshop in which the requirements of your institution and teacher are combined with our Canvas knowledge and experience. Think of visual appeal, consistent learning experience and user-friendliness!

What's new?

April '21

  • Course settings

  • New quizzes

Course settings

The course settings now show more clearly how the course is managed. It is visible to teachers whether the course is open to students by means of a term (period) or data entered by yourself (course). If term / period is chosen, the data of this period will be visible at the beginning and at the end. If teachers are not allowed to change this, admins can indicate this in the settings of the Canvas Root account

New interface:

Canvas release update

New quizess

With a new Quiz it is now possible to keep the first score under the heading "multiple attempts". Previously it was possible to keep the height, the average and the latest score. Now the first score has been added. As a teacher, you can determine this under the settings of the new quiz.

What's new?

February - March '21

  • LaTeX improvements

  • Rich Content Editor improvements

  • New quizzes in Modules

  • Resubmitting assignments

LaTeX improvements

LaTeX equations can be entered in any Canvas text field. Once equations or characters are detected, they are converted into LaTeX characters.

Rich content editor improvements

There are several improvements in the Canvas Rich Content Editor. First, a nice HTML editor is now available in addition to the raw HTML editor. This makes working in HTML more user-friendly.
Second, it is possible to preview documents added via the Rich Content Editor in two ways: overlay (overlapping the whole page) or inline (within the window).

New quizess in Modules

New Quizzes can now be created and added to the module. When a teacher adds an item to a module and selects a quiz, the Create Quiz option displays both the New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes. New quizzes is the default, but teachers can switch to classic quizzes.

Resubmitting assignments

In the SpeedGrader, teachers can reassign an assignment with a due date to an individual student and ask them to retake their submission. This returns the assignment to the List View Dashboard as another assignment to be completed.

Canvas release update February

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