Groupify assists teachers and support staff in collecting student preferences and creating project groups directly in Canvas LMS.

How does it work?

Improve student experience

By using Groupify, more students are assigned to their favorite topic. This is done in a fair and transparant way, using a proven algorithm. Being allocated in a transparent way to groups which are in line with a student’s personal preferences, increases student satisfaction and motivation.


Center all your actions in Canvas


Groupify centers the full process of collecting preferences, grouping students and communicating in Canvas. As a result, students don’t have to leave their personal learning environment, while teachers don’t have to use external tools for grouping. This prevents losing preferences or lost emails somewhere in the process.

Save valuable time

Groupify proposes the optimal grouping in an instant, enabling teachers to quickly assign and communicate the allocation to students. This saves valuable time for teachers and staff. Simultaneously, students get to know fast to which topic they are assigned.


Feature Summary

Fully integrated with Canvas LMS

Ideal to use for thesis and internship groups

Fair allocation based on student preferences

Easy to use with in-app manual

Scalable from a few students to large groups

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