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Portfolio by Drieam

A student-led development and assessment portfolio, leveraging authentic feedback.


Portfolio is a plug-in (LTI app) for Canvas LMS, which integrates seamlessly with Canvas. In Portfolio, students can make their developmental progress visible by collecting evidence, asking for feedback from teachers, peers, and experts, and creating an assessment file. Everything within the trusted environment that Canvas offers.

Portfolio simplified

The student behind the wheel: decide who gets access, when and who to ask for feedback, how to structure the portfolio and what to be assessed on.

What makes Portfolio unique?


Portfolio integrates seamlessly with Canvas: dedicated global navigation, import submitted assignment attempts as evidence, freeze portfolio to hand in for it to be assessed in SpeedGrader™.


At Drieam, we believe that student motivation is powered by their autonomy.  With a teacher-independent platform like Portfolio, the student is in full control. 


Portfolio aims to optimally facilitate the iterative learning process of creation, feedback and reflection. Ultimately to assess the personal growth path a student has completed.

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