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Drieam is a passionate EdTech company from The Netherlands. Since 2014, we’re a trusted Instructure partner and our applications are purpose-built for Canvas. Our work goes far beyond helping institutions with their transition to Canvas. Our EdTech solutions empower learners right from the start of their journey in higher education, and propel employability during their entire learner lifecycle.

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The Student-Owned Learning Experience Portfolio

Portflow is the student-owned learning experience portfolio, empowering the student to take the wheel of their education. Portflow takes a radical approach to student ownership, while offering adequate scaffolding along the way. It helps students to prepare for a rapidly changing future in which lifelong learning is essential. To be successful in this, learning to take responsibility for one’s own learning is an important prerequisite.

Student ownership has become visible very quickly because of Portflow. It all becomes much more trackable what a student is doing and what that learning journey looks like. That visibility is very easily seen in the growth and self-sufficiency of students.

Brigit Kolen
Challenge Based Learning Coach, Expert in Programmatic Assessment, 
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Making Qualtrics surveys part of the learning experience in Canvas LMS

Qualtrics LTI is a plug-in for Canvas LMS. Using Qualtrics LTI, institutional research professionals, department admins, and faculty can distribute Qualtrics surveys inside Canvas and leverage LMS data to boost student response rates. Save time and reduce human errors by automating data collection & sending out surveys in bulk.

Since the Qualtrics surveys are in Canvas LMS, it is the easiest thing for students. They don’t have to go to a third place to take the surveys. This way their learning experience never changes. Qualtrics surveys in Canvas LMS make surveys seem like part of the module assignments that students have to complete. Taking surveys becomes part of students coursework

Pankaj Bedekar
Director of Information Systems and Services
Tseng College at California State University, Northridge

The Course Management Platform for Continuing Education

Eduframe is the continuing education course management platform purpose-built for Canvas LMS. With Eduframe, continuing education departments can engage prospective students with a stunning storefront, capitalize on key trends such as micro-credentials & stackable programs, and have a 360-degree overview of your non-traditional learners.

Eduframe is a highly scalable solution that we leverage for our online offerings. The idea that Eduframe enables a very small team to manage absurd amounts of users and learning experiences is incredible and has enabled us to grow. With Eduframe, we enable learners to take pathways composed of stackable microcredentials and to create personal programs, making our offerings highly attractive for non-traditional learners.

Michael Trest testimonial photo

Michael Trest
Dean of Online Workforce College
Online Workforce College at Jones College

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Chief Commercial Officer

Mieke has been in the EdTech space for more than a decade at multiple companies (Turning Technologies, Eesysoft/Impact by Instructure, Instructure and now Drieam) and worked with numerous institutions around the globe. Her passion is to make a lasting difference in education by providing EdTech solutions that aid in the learning process to instill the love and necessity of lifelong learning.

Mieke has been to DET/CHE multiple times before, so she is very much looking forward to attending this year again!

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