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Qualtrics LTI

Bringing Qualtrics surveys to Canvas LMS

LTI integration that makes Qualtrics surveys part of the learning experience in Canvas LMS

Successfully delivered Qualtrics surveys into Canvas LMS


Combine the best of Canvas and Qualtrics

Qualtrics LTI embeds surveys as assignments in Canvas LMS, making the survey process faster, more convenient, and an integral part of the student learning experience.


Extend your Canvas LMS with powerful Qualtrics surveys

Qualtrics LTI by Drieam is a plug-in (LTI app) for your Canvas LMS. Using Qualtrics LTI, institutional research professionals, department admins, and faculty can embed their Qualtrics surveys inside the LMS.

With Qualtrics LTI, Qualtrics surveys take place within the trusted environment that Canvas LMS offers, benefiting users with both barrier-free visual integration and a seamless functional connection.

Making Qualtrics surveys an integral part of the students’
learning journey

Surveys for institutional research

Using Qualtrics surveys directly in Canvas LMS, allows institution’s staff to replicate the same survey across different courses, automatically adding Canvas data (e.g. course names, instructor names, student IDs) along the way to inform their analyses.

  • Gain insights on the quality of courses, instructors, and other parts of student learning experience at the institution, a faculty or a department.

  • Distribute institution-wide, faculty-specific, or departmental surveys for institutional research purposes.

Surveys for institutional research
Surveys for individual instructors

Surveys for individual instructors

With Qualtrics LTI individual instructors can use Qualtrics projects as graded and ungraded teaching & learning surveys.

  • Gain insights from students on course content and structure

  • Measure how students are faring in the courses & identify areas for attention

  • Distribute scientific research surveys directly in Canvas LMS


Infographic: 5 benefits of Qualtrics surveys in Canvas LMS

5 benefits of Qualtrics surveys in Canvas LMS

Read the infographic to discover how the 5 key benefits of Qualtrics and Canvas LMS integration will help you drive your institution forward by

  • Creating seamless student experience
  • Boosting student response rates
  • Saving staff time & reducing manual work
  • Improving data collection and reporting
  • Keeping surveys in New Quizzes

Learn more about Qualtrics LTI

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What makes Qualtrics LTI by Drieam stand out?


Key Features

“We no longer have to rely on students remembering their SIS ID and manually entering that in surveys. Student data such as names, course-codes and SIS ID, email and student enrollment term flows from the student information system into Canvas LMS and then into Qualtrics surveys. This process is completely seamless, and we don’t have a mismatch or wrong information being manually entered. We are ensured that we receive really accurate data.”

Rebecca Car, Project Coordinator at Southeast Community College

Qualtrics LTI makes course evaluations much more effective than sending an email. Our response rate on average is around 50%+ for non-compulsory course evaluation surveys

Pankaj Bedekar, Director of Information Systems and Services at California State University, Northridge

“By embedding surveys as assignments in Canvas through Qualtrics LTI, response rates increased from the mid-30% range up to 57%. That’s the highest we’ve ever seen them.”

Kate Hendricks, Manager Surveying & Reporting at Chamberlain University

“I would say that the best ROI was the user experience improved for our Degree Programmes. And once we succeed to move our Student Feedback for Faculty Evaluation to Qualtrics, the ROI will be at least doubled.”

Hamza Belallam, Senior Business Analyst, Business Partnering & Analysis, IT at Insead

Qualtrics LTI



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Qualtrics LTI is WCAG 2.2 level AA conformant

As accessibility and inclusivity is a prerequisite for offering personal learning journeys, Drieam is committed to continuously improve the accessibility of Qualtrics LTI. Currently, Qualtrics LTI is conformant to the WCAG 2.2 level AA.

Making Qualtrics surveys part of the learning experience in Canvas LMS
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