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Are you about to use Canvas LMS? Would a short guide help you designing your desired course?

Recent technological developments are changing the educational landscape rapidly. This influences our students’ way of learning and therefore the way of teaching. Using an extensive Learning Management System (LMS) is a good example of this change. The most adopted LMS nowadays is Canvas LMS, which brings lots of possibilities to the design table of an educator.

Did you know that educational designers that start to work with innovative technology tend to get lost in the amount of new possibilities and features? While guiding various institutes with their implementation of Canvas LMS, we notice that the hardest part is often not the technical change, but the didactical implementation of the system itself. Still, adding new technology to an existing school system should never be the end goal. What one should keep in mind during the implementation process, is making sure the technology aids the school system in order to provide better education. Moreover, it offers a great opportunity to innovate education and critically assess the teaching methods used so far.

Based on our broad experience and practical cases, we have defined five steps, which can be used for all course designs. These will help you make choices while designing a course with the use of Canvas LMS. It will guide your design process by describing the main points of attention, clarifying how the system can be most helpful in each step.
You’ll read all about it in our newest whitepaper “Course Design in Canvas LMS – practical application of technology”, which you can now download for free.

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