Fontys & Drieam at the Surf Education Days

Self-regulated learning & student ownership in the DLE

November 12, 2021

Discovering the crucial components for fostering student-led learning

Last November, Fontys Hogescholen and Drieam held a joint session at the Surf Education Days (Onderwijsdagen) 2021. The entire room (more than 50 people) was actively involved in the panel discussion about the themes of self-regulated learning and student ownership and how Fontys aims to strengthen these pillars as part of their digital transition through Portfolio.

We discussed the current state of this transition and what challenges Fontys faces in giving substance to the theme. The same theme turned out to be very topical among the participants in the room, given the interaction and multitude of questions. In between, a demonstration of the current portfolio product took place.

All in all, we concluded in the session that in order to allow the student to be in charge, it is essential to bring out the following components in the digital learning environment: room and opportunity for the student to fill in and structure their evidence, to be able to make choices based on clear insights into the broader structure of education and to be able to make the connection with learning activities and related evidence, to be able to plan when an activity takes place and when feedback is desired, to be able to determine with whom the evidence is shared and which feedback is asked, and to gain insight into the own learning process through feedback and feedforward and to be able to adjust accordingly. In summary, the session emphasized the importance of meeting the individuality of the student in many ways, as well as the uniqueness of the institutes and lecturers. Thus, creating space to make choices about the use of the digital tool so that the student becomes less of a consumer of their education and experiences more ownership of his learning trajectory. To facilitate this, the proper scaffolding by the program is required.

Interested in how Portfolio propels student ownership?

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