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Canvas release updates

What’s new in Canvas? Monthly Canvas Release Updates

Every month we’ll share the most important Canvas release updates.

Open source LMS

The hidden costs of open-source LMS you must know

What hidden costs can you expect from open-source LMS? Tips about what you should take into consideration before downloading ‘free’ software.


Repareer niet, maar renoveer uw beroepsonderwijs!

Een handvat voor ROC’s over hoe ze binnen hun instelling een grote stap vooruit kunnen maken. Gezamenlijk als instelling, maar met ruimte voor verschillen tussen de teams.

Optimize Canvas Course Templates

How to optimize Canvas with Canvas Course Templates?

Tips about how to increase the LMS user adoption and improve the student experience with on-brand Canvas Course templates.

Elearning ADDIE

How to develop e-learning content with ADDIE?

How to develop e-learning content using the ADDIE model?We take a closer look at the first phase of the model: Analysis.

Do's and Don's in Canvas LMS

Do’s and Don’ts in Canvas

You are a Canvas user? Canvas can be set up and used in different ways. You can set up your Canvas environment very basic, but you can also use many advanced features to create a richer Canvas course. But: there are certain things that you should or should not do in Canvas.

Continuing Education by Cambridge

Continuing Education by Cambridge: Create an Engaging Online Learner Experience

A rapidly changing employment market demands employees who will continuously develop themselves which in fact requires a lot of self-reliance, lifelong learning, and community-building.


Continuing Education at InstructureCon 2021 by Cambridge University and Drieam

We were at Instructurecon 2021! Watch how Cambridge University entered the online education realm in order to provide what is now in demand from professional learners: truly engaging learner experiences.

blended leren canvas mbo

Blended leren met Canvas. 8 keuzes voor MBO onderwijsteams

De behoefte aan differentiatie en maatwerk wordt door vrijwel iedereen in het mbo onderschreven. Ontdek de mogelijke meerwaarde van ICT en blended leren hierbij.

Blended learning with Canvas

Blended Learning with Canvas. How to make it work?

Blended learning is more than just the distinction between classroom and online lessons. When used correctly, it can maximize the interaction between teachers, fellow students and their involvement.

Alternatives for (un)graded surveys in Canvas LMS

With Canvas LMS announcing the end-of-life of Quizzes and deprecating its functionality, we’re seeing a lot of universities and colleges considering alternative solutions for these features. Discover the alternatives.

Qualtrics Canvas

7 ways to get the most out of your Qualtrics and Canvas

7 proven ways in which universities, colleges and business schools are successful in not only boosting survey response rates, but also ensuring data quality is of the highest level.

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