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LMS Schola Medica

The best user experience for teachers, students & back-office

How Schola Medica came to one scalable solution with course administration & storefront (Eduframe), LMS (Canvas) and many of-the-shelf integrations.

Insead LMS

Retaining a leading position through feedback and insights

A case study from Insead business school about how they improved the user experience of its students with Qualtrics LTI.

Canvas ROC

Innovation with Canvas as LMS

See how ROC van Amsterdam – Flevoland improves education and stimulates collaboration between colleges by implementing the right technology.

RSM Canvas

Improved learning experience & Canvas user adoption

A consistent on-brand learning experience, Canvas being embraced by teachers and one single-source-of-truth were established at RSM thanks to Canvas Course templates.

Qualtrics chamberlain

Improved education thanks to increased survey resonses

A case study about how Chamberlain university improved their survey response rates with Qualtrics LTI.

How ELTE stimulates student-centered coaching

Discover why a consistent and integrated coaching experience for ELTE is so important and how they stimulate student-centered coaching with StudyCoach.

Canvas Cambridge

Continuing Education by Cambridge University. Create engaging experiences

How Cambridge University entered the online education realm in order to provide what is now in demand from professional learners: truly engaging learner experiences.

LMS case study

5 tips about LMS implementation and adoption

How to get everyone on board when implementing a Learning Management System? That and more lessons learned about the LMS implementation at Utrecht Applied University.

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