Get the most out of Canvas: Implementation consultancy

Project management with domain experience

Implementing a new LMS is quite the undertaking and it has huge implications for your organization. Having years of extensive experience with Canvas, Drieam’s Project Managers will help you make the right decisions at the right time. From planning, integrations, and governance to training and support, change management and communication, our team will use previous successful implementations of Canvas to make sure you get the most out of this innovative LMS.

Instructional design expertise

We strongly believe that there’s more to good teaching than simply adding new technology to the existing courses and content domains. It is important to revise the entire process when looking to incorporate new technology, rather than going with the flow. Implementing a new LMS creates a perfect opportunity for instructional designers to take another critical look at their course design. By offering didactical expertise and assistance, Drieam uses Canvas to guide designers who are looking to (re)design their course. Additionally, Canvas also helps institutes turn educational vision into concrete and usable design tools.

Actionable Dashboards

Analytical insight into the behaviorisms of – and adoption by – your end-users is important when coordinating a large project like implementing a new LMS. These insights could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project approach. By offering Microsoft Power BI consultancy, Drieam can assist your institute with defining success indicators that are aligned with your educational vision, dashboard design and real-time dashboard development.


What others say

"From the start of the implementation project until the successful completion almost 2,5 years later I was supported by Drieam in each and every aspect. Drieam helped us with project management support, with technical support and the setup of a new support and governance organization and also with the most important part of the project: the didactical support and the change management aspects that are essential to fully exploit the new functionalities of the LMS. We changed our didactical approach and we were able to reach several important objectives such as the use of advanced learning analytics to gauge individual study success, the use of individual tailored courses and much more. Although Canvas is rich in functionality we managed to come up with some additional requirements and these were quickly translated by the software engineers of Drieam into valuable LTI-apps that greatly contribute to the success of the LMS. I can safely say that without Drieam my project would have lasted much longer and that we maybe wouldn’t have reaped the full benefits of the LMS."

- Rob van Stratum
sr. Program Manager at FHICT Eindhoven

"Drieam supported Nyenrode Business University in the first implementation phase of Canvas with project management and didactics. By sharing best practices for project management, functional usage of Canvas, course design for Business Schools and clear guidance on didactics, we were able to successfully conclude the project, create course templates and draft up a plan to roll out Canvas within the entire organization."

- Gerdien Schriek
Application Manager Nyenrode Business University

Why Drieam

  • Over 5 years of Canvas domain experience
  • In-house didactical experts
  • Track record of successful Canvas implementations


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