Boost student response rates & improve collected data with Qualtrics and Canvas

Every institution is aiming to become more data driven. What matters in making data driven insights is both the quality and the quantity of data you can gather.  

Students are an important source of information for any Institutional Research Department. Unfortunately students are often busy and difficult to reach, which means the potential for student feedback is underutilized.


3 ways Qualtrics and Canvas integration can boost survey response rates

Increase response rates & improve data analytics with Qualtrics LTI

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Thomas Ohlenforst

Educational Technology Consultant


Improved survey data analytics

With Qualtrics LTI all information that is already available in Canvas (regarding the student, course, instructor) is automatically embedded into survey questions. Such automation improves the quality of your data for reporting or analysis purposes. It also makes it easier to compare and contrast results across groups.

“By embedding surveys as assignments in Canvas through Qualtrics LTI, response rates increased from the mid-30% range up to 57%. That’s the highest we’ve ever seen them.”

Kate Hendricks, Manager Surveying & Reporting at Chamberlain University


Institutions getting more out of Qualtrics and their LMS