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Foster Career-Readiness with Holistic Assessment and Learner Agency

The student-owned learning experience portfolio

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Portflow enables your university to

Use Holistic Assessment

  • Centralize programme-level competencies, outcomes, and skills
  • Focus on formative assessment, separating marking from feedback

  • Evaluate the process of growth in flexible journeys and reflective practice

and Foster Learner Agency

  • Teach students to take responsibility as the key to success in Lifelong Learning

  • Stimulate ownership and sense of control through self-regulated learning

  • A personal learning journey with adequate scaffolding along the route

… to build the skill-set for career-ready professionals


Extend your LMS with a student-owned portfolio

Portflow is a plug-in (LTI app) for your LMS. In Portflow, students can make their developmental progress visible and accountable under their own control by collecting evidence, asking for feedback from teachers, peers, and experts, and creating an assessment file. Teachers can provide students with the necessary scaffolding in this process.

Everything takes place within the trusted environment that your LMS offers so that users benefit from both barrier-free visual integration and a seamless functional connection.

Synergized with your LMS

Portflow’s integration with your LMS (Canvas by Instructure, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, Blackboard by Anthology) goes far beyond an integration for a seamless end-user experience.

What makes Portflow unique?

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What makes Portflow stand out?

Portflow’s greatest value: As a student, you are able to direct your own development in one place and track your progress toward entry-level competence.

Bernolf Kramer, Fontys Hogescholen


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Institutions valuing student-owned learning with Portflow:

A Trustworthy Partner


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Portflow is LTI Advantage Complete certified

Portflow is built on the trusted and proven Drieam LTI framework. This framework ensures the secure and stable data exchange with the LMS. The Drieam LTI framework is certified for LTI v 1.3, LTI Assignment & Grade Services, LTI Deep Linking 2.0. and LTI Names and Role Provisioning Services 2.0

TrustEd Apps Certified Data Privacy - 1EdTech

Portflow is certified for the 1EdTech Data Privacy standard

Data Privacy and trust is a key priority for us. With this certificate, Portflow has been vetted for student privacy, data security, and other safety issues by 1EdTech.


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Portflow is WCAG 2.2 level AA conformant

As accessibility and inclusivity is a prerequisite for offering personal learning journeys, Drieam is committed to continuously improve the accessibility of Portflow. Currently, Portflow is fully conformant to the WCAG 2.2 level AA and partially level AAA industry standard.

The Learning Experience Portfolio
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