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Continuing education

Make Your Continuing Education Thrive

We help universities make their continuing education thrive by attracting and retaining learners, automating manual work and by providing the best experiences for both learners and staff.

Make your continuing education thrive

Key challenges for continuing education

Your Partner For Continuing Education

Drieam is the Canvas learning platform partner for educators worldwide. We help learners reach their full potential. Forever. Because we’re never done learning. By creating amazing experiences that learners love and teachers embrace. So continuing education can thrive in a digital world.

In close collaboration, we guide educational institutions towards world-class education. We shape the future of continuing education. Today.

Seamlessly integrated within the LMS

Solutions For Continuing Education

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“When we were developing Cambridge Advance Online, it was so important to integrate social learning and peer collaboration throughout the learning experience. To do this, we had to prioritize using tools that could deliver a seamless experience and embed with Canvas, our virtual learning platform. Working in partnership with our in-house teams, Miro, Canvas and Drieam, have each delivered successfully against all of our requirements by providing us with a tool that extends the Canvas environment and provides almost limitless opportunities for learners.”
Anna Wood, Managing Director of Cambridge Online Education

Engaging learner experiences in Continuing Education

A rapidly changing employment market demands employees who will continuously develop themselves which in fact requires a lot of self-reliance, lifelong learning, and development of new skills. Building new skills has become a constant in the ever-changing world.

Continuing Education

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