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Growing your continuing education business can be challenging

As a continuing education leader, you compete for sustainable enrollment numbers. An attractive online storefront with a seamless registration experience is crucial as it helps convert learners and increase enrollment numbers while leveraging your institutional brand.

Scaling your continuing education leads to increased administrative burden. Legacy tools, spreadsheets and SIS software for traditional education are not sufficient for a continuing education department. Manual work leads to inefficient processes, mistakes and increased costs. Automating repetitive tasks will help your staff be more productive.

Today’s students expect a seamless and engaging online learner experience. Having multiple tools for student registration, managing their personal program, courses and their learning leads to a fragmented learner experience. Seamless integration between your institutional website, student portal and learning management system is crucial to increasing student engagement and their retention.

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Eduframe is the Continuing Education Storefront & SIS for Canvas

Engage prospective students with a stunning storefront. Capitalize on key trends in continuing education such as microcredentials and stackable, personalized programs. Have a 360 degree overview of all your non-traditional learners.

case study

Scaling continuing education programs at Online Workforce College with limited resources

Online Workforce College’s goal was to create bite-sized training modules that could be stacked together for a comprehensive skills training program. Find out how Eduframe helped OWC to achieve their continuing education goals.

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Eduframe helps manage and grow your non-traditional education

Continuing Education Course Management, Storefront and Student Portal

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Showcase your courses & programs on your website

Courses & programs created in Eduframe are automatically displayed on your own website. As a Continuing Education provider, you have full flexibility to customize the look and feel of the course catalog, in accordance with your own branding.

Learners can decide to order the courses as they wish, pay online and obtain access to the online learning environment, all in one go.

Student & business portal

Students have a full overview of their education with a student portal where they can access their courses & programs, view progress & results, download certificates and check their calendar.

Corporate partners can track and create orders, invoices and enrollment of students within their company.

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Offer stackable pathways and personalized learning

Structure your education in programs, blocks and courses. Enable your students to start with taking a course, then upgrade to a block or a full fledged degree program.

Combine courses into personal program, so that you make your offering as accessible as possible for working adults.

Save time planning your continuing education

Make it easy for your staff to plan your education with templates for pre-scheduled meetings, automated e-mails & tasks, and general information about the course or program.

Get a calendar overview of your resource planning by adding teachers, locations and materials to meetings, including conflict detection.

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Logo of University of St Andrews
At the University of St Andrews we were looking for a system which would integrate with our LMS and offer us the opportunity to handle the user administration of non-matriculated learners easily. We opted for Eduframe, as it streamlines the admissions and payment processes, providing a quick and simple user experience from first visiting our website through to payment and starting a course
Sarah Franke, Head of Digital Strategic Initiatives, University of St Andrews
Michael Trest testimonial photo

Eduframe is a highly scalable solution that we leverage for our online offerings and has provided the capability for us to grow. The idea that Eduframe enables a very small team to manage absurd amounts of users and learning experiences is incredible. With Eduframe, we are able to structure OWC’s workforce training programs, which consist of pathways composed of stackable micro-credentials. This enables learners to combine individual courses and create personal programs, making our offerings highly attractive for non-traditional learners.

Michael Trest, Dean of Online Workforce College, Jones College
Michael Cresswell testimonial photo

The level of speed and agility that Drieam has delivered is their testament of being our Canvas partner. Because we were coming into this space later than many of our competitors in global continuing education, we knew that we needed a partner who would help us to get up to speed quickly and avoid having to learn everything from scratch.

Michael Cresswell, Director of Design and Online Learning, Cambridge University Online

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A future-proof platform for your continuing education needs


Connect with your existing EdTech stack

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Streamline your processes by connecting Eduframe to your current applications using powerful out-of-the-box Eduframe integrations. Extend Eduframe functionalities with OpenAPI, LTI, SSO. Seamlessly integrate with applications via Azure Integration Services. Eduframe is compatible with CRM leaders like Salesforce and Hubspot.

  • LMS: Canvas
  • Website: WordPress
  • Payment: Stripe, Touchnet,,
  • Business intelligence & automation: Microsoft PowerBI & PowerAutomate
  • Analytics: Google Analytics & Tag Manager


Tailor Eduframe to your needs

Each continuing education provider has a unique setup and processes. Eduframe is built as a flexible future proof platform, designed to scale with your evolving needs. Easily tackle your unique configuration requirements by configuring custom fields, different registration forms per course, labels and a number of other settings.

security & privacy

Rest assured your data is safe

As you are used to at Drieam, Eduframe is built with the highest data security & privacy standards. Drieam is assessed on internal control policies and practices and has received SOC2 type II certification by meeting the stringent requirements set forth by the AICPA and CICA.


TrustEd Apps Certified Data Privacy - 1EdTech

Eduframe is certified for the 1EdTech Data Privacy standard

Data Privacy and trust is a key priority for us. With this certificate, Eduframe has been vetted for student privacy, data security, and other safety issues by 1EdTech.


Eduframe is a proud member of the UPCEA community

UPCEA logo

UPCEA is the online and professional education association, that brings together decision-makers and influencers in the continuing education industry, research, and policy, who are focused on improving continuing education access and outcomes.

As a proud member of UPCEA since 2022 Eduframe is dedicated to contributing to the advancement of online and professional continuing education by helping institutions serve the needs of diverse non-traditional learners. For more information see our attendance at the UPCEA 2023 Annual Conference, Convergence 2023 Annual Conference & UPCEA 2024 Annual Conference.

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Eduframe is the Continuing Education Storefront & SIS for Canvas
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