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Growing your continuing education business is challenging

Different types of continuing education providers compete to increase student enrollments. Non-traditional students have non-traditional needs. You also compete with different continuing education providers for these students. You need tools to adapt and evolve your offering.

As a continuing education leader, you compete for sustainable enrollment numbers. Attractive online storefront with a seamless registration experience is crucial as it helps convert learners and increase enrollment numbers while leveraging your institutional brand.

Scaling your continuing education leads to increased administrative burden. Legacy tools, spreadsheets and SIS software for traditional education are not sufficient for a continuing education department. Manual work leads to inefficient processes, mistakes and increased costs. Automating repetitive tasks will help your staff be more productive.

Today’s students expect a seamless and engaging online learner experience. Having multiple tools for student registration, managing their personal progam, courses and their learning leads to a fragmented learner experience. Seamless integration between your institutional website, student portal and learning management system is crucial to increasing student engagement and their retention.

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Eduframe is the SIS & online eCommerce platform for continuing education

Engage prospective students with a stunning storefront. Capatilize on key trends in continuing education such as microcredentials and stackable, personalized programs. Have a 360 degree overview of all your non-traditional learners.

Eduframe helps build and grow your non-traditional education

Continuing Education Course Management, Storefront and Student Portal

Display courses & programs created in Eduframe on your website

Showcase your courses & programs on your website

Courses & programs created in Eduframe can be automatically displayed on your own website. As a Continuing Education provider, you have full flexibility to customize the look and feel of the course catalog, in accordance with your own branding.

Students can then decide to order the courses as they wish, pay online and obtain access to the online learning environment, all in one go.

Student & business portal

Students have a full overview of their education with an out-of-the-box student portal where they can access their courses & programs, view progress & results, download certificates and check their calendar.

Key contacts of B2B customers can track and create orders, invoices and enrolments of students within their company.

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Stackable and personalized programs by Eduframe

Offer stackable and personalized programs

Structure your education in programs, blocks and courses. Enable your students to start with taking a course, then upgrade to a block or a full fledged degree program.

Combine courses into personal program, so that you make your offering as accessible as possible for working adults.

Save time planning your education

By using templates, make it easy for your staff to create new course & program editions with pre-planned meetings, automated e-mails & tasks, and with general information about the course or program.

Get a calendar overview of your resource planning by adding teachers, locations and materials to meetings, including conflict detection.

Use Eduframe templates for pre-planned meetings, automated e-mails & tasks
Michael Cresswell Cambridge University Head of Partnerships

Michael Cresswell
Director of Design and Online Learning
Cambridge University Online


“The level of speed and agility that Drieam has delivered is their testament of being our Canvas partner. Because we were coming into this space later than many of our competitors in global continuing education, we knew that we needed a partner who would help us to get up to speed quickly and avoid having to learn everything from scratch.”

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Eduframe is het SIS & eCommerce platform voor levenslang leren
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