We live in the age of digitalization and it is safe to say that the digital age has transformed educational institutes. Different paper-based institutional processes have been streamlined or replaced by more flexible and efficient online systems. Evident examples of that are student information systems, online registrations for programs or courses, and the use of different learning management systems. Digitalization has completely changed the ways in which information is collected, processed, and distributed within organizations.

Without a doubt, you have heard the saying “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Surveying your students is an extremely powerful way of gathering quantitative and measurable insights about the student experience, program evaluation, course effectiveness, and more. By surveying the students regularly, educational institutes are able to support and engage students more effectively.

When it comes to surveys, size matters. Having a large number of students respond to surveys is essential for having an adequate sample size in order to achieve statistical validity. One of the most common struggles that educational institutes face is getting students to provide feedback for the end-of-year course evaluations. Given the weight these response rates carry in understanding how students are experiencing the courses, assessment, and curricular development, securing high rates is critical. It is a missed opportunity for faculties to correct their mistakes, streamline work and reach their students.

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