It is no secret that declining student enrollments at institutions of higher education have been a problem for a few years now. However, this decline in postsecondary education enrollment has now worsened and it does not look like it will recover much this decade. Therefore, it is critical for educational institutions to come up with strategies to increase student enrollment just now. Here are 7 strategies you should consider as an institution to increase your student enrollment.

1. Streamline blended learning

First of all, streamline your blended learning offerings. Coming out of the pandemic, students expect more flexibility in F2F and online classes, and in the materials and tools they use to do so. By offering high-quality blended learning, students will develop specific skills and be able to manage their time more efficiently and independently, which will increase their motivation to enroll in a course.

2. Leverage storytelling

Second, storytelling is a great strategy for increasing student enrollment. This form of educational marketing can help your institution strengthen its brand reputation. Storytelling emphasizes great stories that depict students’ journey through a course. In addition, it clearly defines who the student is before and after he or she completes the course. By applying this story-based approach, you appeal to the emotions of potential students, making it easier for students to connect with your institution and its values. A good way to apply storytelling is by using testimonials on the various channels you use.

3. Reduce response time through automation

In today’s digital society, people expect immediate answers to their queries. If you, as an institution, are able to give your audience quick answers, you give them the opportunity to immediately create an emotional connection with you. This will definitely increase the chance of students enrolling in your course. A strong student information system (SIS) can help you reduce response time and save time for staff by automating manual work.

4. Engage with students on social media

Examine which social platforms your audience spends a lot of time on and try to engage with them on these platforms. To succeed in this, you need to deliver content in a format that matches how your audience is used to consuming content on this channel. You can use video content, testimonials, regular posts or even paid ads to communicate with your audience on these platforms.

5. Improve your visibility by investing in SEO

The majority of prospective students will use search engines to gather information about schools. If you optimize your website and its content for both visitors and search engines, your chances of ranking high on the search engine results page (SERP) will increase. The first thing you should start with is performing keyword research to understand your target audience’s searches and which keywords are related to your institution’s offerings. Next, create a strong online presence by providing highly useful informative content to your audience. This will build trust in your organization and increase sign-ups.

6. Create a mobile-friendly user experience

Providing a mobile-friendly user experience is becoming increasingly important as a large portion of the younger generations use their mobile devices for almost everything. The ability to complete the entire application process on mobile increases student engagement and enrollment rates.

7. Send text message reminders

Send text message reminders to applicants to keep them informed of the next steps in their admissions journey and important deadlines. Text messages can be an effective way to nurture your audience, if properly personalized and planned.

Technology offers perspectives

Student enrollment will continue to decline. However, there are ways for institutions to keep students engaged and increase enrollment rates. Accelerating the student enrollment process and providing engaging content through the right media are essential to attracting potential students and increasing enrollment.

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