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Portflow & Fontys case study - Transforming Education with Holisitic Assessment

Discover how Fontys designed their higher education curriculum around holistic assessment to prepare students for lifelong learning with Portflow

Portflow brochure

Discover how Portflow can enable your institution to use holistic assessment and foster learner agency.

Eduframe & OWC case study - Boosting enrollment with limited resources

Discover how Online Workforce College scaled its continuing education programs with limited resources.

Eduframe & TIAS case study - Promoting lifelong learning at TIAS School for Business and Society

Discover how TIAS scaled their flexible education to meet the needs of today’s learners

Eduframe infographic

Discover 3 ways to grow and build your non-traditional education with Eduframe

Eduframe brochure

Discover how Eduframe manages & grows your continuing education business with Canvas

Qualtrics LTI & the University of Sunderland case study

Discover how the University of Sunderland is enhancing module evaluation survey delivery & boosting student engagement with Qualtrics LTI

Qualtrics LTI & Tseng College at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) case study

Discover how CSUN moved from distributing course evaluations via paper & email to Qualtrics surveys seamlessly integrated with Canvas LMS

Qualtrics LTI & Southeast Community College case study

Discover how Southeast Community College has integrated Qualtrics into Canvas LMS to efficiently manage student surveys

Qualtrics LTI & Georgia Institute of Technology case study

Discover how Georgia Institute of Technology is enhancing the student and staff survey experience with Qualtrics LTI

Qualtrics LTI infographic

Discover 5 key benefits of Qualtrics surveys in Canvas LMS

Qualtrics LTI brochure

Discover how Qualtrics LTI makes Qualtrics surveys part of the learning experience in Canvas LMS

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