Empowering learners, propelling employability – get inspired by our exclusive sessions prior to InstructureCon

Improving the employability of all learners

45-minute webinar

  • How Drieam helps institutions to empower learners and propel employability

  • The work we’ve done with others to improve the employability of their learners

  • All Drieam’s EdTech solutions that are fully synergized with the Canvas LMS

Empower the student to take the wheel of their education


  • How to empower learners to take responsibility of their lifelong learning journey
  • How to increase intrinsic learning motivation and thereby employability
  • How to centralize competency-based education (CBE)

Make your continuing education thrive


  • How to enroll more non-traditional learners
  • How to provide the most engaging online experiences

  • How to save your staff time by streamlining & automating manual processes

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