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Course Templates

A Canvas Course Template is a customized set up for a Canvas course. Your Canvas front-end is on-brand and visually appealing. Which makes digital teaching easier and provides a greater learning experience for students.


Custom course design aligned with your institutional branding

Custom course homepage based on your branding and preferred structure

Custom module overview page for individual preferences

Predefined elements & placeholder pages teachers can use

Instructions for teachers to use the course template

Predefined settings saving time for teachers in setting up the course


Consistent Experiences

For students
Canvas Course Templates can be used across multiple Canvas courses and subaccounts. With recognizable elements and recurring navigation, your university or business school creates a consistent and coherent learning experience for students.

For teachers
Using Canvas Course Templates also ensures a unified way of working for teachers and instructors. Having standardized processes and guidelines will make the blended teaching experience more enjoyable.

Why others use Canvas Course Templates

our approach

Co-created with you

Course Template Workshop
During this session we identify your educational needs; Translate your needs and wishes into a first draft and make a selection for standard Canvas features

Design & realisation
After the initial workshop, where we’ll identify your educational needs, the design for the Canvas Course Template will be created within a week. After the feedback has been incorporated and the design signed-off, you can expect the Canvas Course Template to be ready for use in your Canvas environment within two weeks.


A custom course template according to your look & feel

“The Canvas Course Templates not only look great, they’re really easy to use! They help boost the teaching and learning experience! Word has quickly spread across the university and now other departments are looking to create the same professional digital learning experience. Drieam truly over-delivered on their promises. It’s not every day that one finds such a reliable partner.”
Lucia Capasso, Program Development Director at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

How Canvas Course Templates boosted the Canvas LMS adoption and learning experience at RSM

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), is one of Europe’s most international and innovative business schools. RSM shares their story about the need for a partner (Drieam) to help increase the adoption of Canvas and improve the student experience.


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