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Are you migrating from Classic to New Quizzes in Canvas LMS?

Canvas is encouraging users to transition from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes, an enhanced quizzing engine offering dynamic item banks, better quiz moderation options, robust reporting, and more opportunities for personalized learning. However, with the transition, Canvas users may find themselves not having the same survey options as they had before.

Are you in the process of migrating to New Quizzes and want to keep using surveys? Qualtrics LTI brings Qualtrics surveys inside Canvas LMS and maintains the option to use (un)graded surveys in Canvas courses despite the transition to the New Quizzes engine.

What does the transition mean for your institution?

Transitioning from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes may result in challenges if instructors rely on surveys for student feedback, assessments, research or other purposes.

The full feature comparison can be found in a document published by Instructure, which highlights no current plans to support the survey feature in New Quizzes. Although the New Quizzes environment offers a workaround to have a survey-like experience, Instructure encourages users who are looking to use surveys, to use external survey tools.

I want to use surveys in New Quizzes, now what?

Does your institution have a Qualtrics license? With Qualtrics LTI by Drieam, a plug-in (LTI app) for your Canvas LMS, you can maintain using (un)graded surveys in your courses in the Canvas environment.

With Qualtrics LTI, instructors, institutional research professionals, department admins, and faculty, can maintain and deliver surveys in their Canvas courses using Qualtrics surveys. Qualtrics LTI embeds surveys as assignments in Canvas LMS, making the survey process faster, more convenient, and an integral part of the student learning experience.

How is Georgia Institute of Technology able to keep using surveys despite moving to Canvas New Quizzes?

Georgia Institute of Technology is a public R1 research university located in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Tech accounts for more than 45,000 students spread over its main campus in Atlanta, campuses in France and China, and its online and distance learning programs.

Challenge: Keeping surveys as an integral part of Georgia Tech courses, while adopting the new and improved New Quizzes engine.

Faculty at Georgia Tech used to leverage survey functionality of Classic Quizzes in Canvas to distribute research surveys within their LMS. With Canvas LMS announcing the transition from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes, the Georgia Institute of Technology started preparing for the implementation of New Quizzes in Canvas. An important part of this implementation plan was finding an alternative for users within faculties who would like to transition to New Quizzes but maintain using surveys.

Solution: Qualtrics surveys streamlined inside Canvas LMS

Since Georgia Tech had already acquired a campus-wide Qualtrics license, they began looking for possible solutions. That’s when Georgia Tech came across Qualtrics LTI by Drieam, an LTI integration that makes Qualtrics surveys part of the student learning experience within Canvas by embedding surveys as assignments and leveraging LMS data, maintaining the option to use (un)graded surveys in Canvas courses.

Some of the key benefits delivered by Qualtrics LTI to Georgia Institute of Technology

Hear from other institutions using Qualtrics LTI

Since the Qualtrics surveys are in Canvas LMS, it is the easiest thing for students. They don’t have to go to a third place to take the surveys. This way their learning experience never changes. Qualtrics surveys in Canvas LMS make surveys seem like part of the module assignments that students have to complete. Taking surveys becomes part of students’ coursework

Pankaj Bedekar, Director of Information Systems,
California State University, Northridge

“Student data such as names, course codes and SIS ID, email, and student enrollment term flows from the student information system into Canvas LMS and then into Qualtrics surveys. This process is completely seamless, and we don’t have a mismatch or wrong information being manually entered. We are ensured that we receive really accurate data.”

Rebecca Carr, Project Coordinator,

Southeast Community College

“Qualtrics LTI greatly improved the efficiency for distributing surveys across all of our courses in just a few minutes! The Qualtrics data collected on the backend allows for easy analysis by teachers and course instructors. I highly recommend Qualtrics LTI for anyone looking to gain valuable insights to support their teachers and course quality with minimal time and effort”

Ben Fisher, Director of eLearning,

Crean Lutheran High School

Keep using surveys despite moving to Canvas New Quizzes

Ready to learn more about how Qualtrics LTI can help you retain using surveys in the Canvas New Quizzes environment?

Our Qualtrics LTI experts will look into your unique use case and equip your end users with the right knowledge to get the most out of Qualtrics LTI, making the overall survey process faster, more convenient, and an integral part of the student learning experience.

Making Qualtrics surveys part of the learning experience in Canvas LMS