Student-led learning

Put the student in the driver’s seat

Propel student-led learning in your digital environment as the best strategy in preparation for lifelong development

Our vision

Student-led learning as the best preparation for lifelong development

We believe that promoting student ownership is crucial in the higher education’s aim to prepare for a future in which lifelong learning is the key to success. Offer the power of choice and flexibility to adapt to the personality, context and goals of each student. Facilitate the development of individual professional profiles.

Scaffolding on the route to ensure student success

Student-led learning requires adequate scaffolding by teachers to enable the student to take control and make the right choices. In the process of learning to take responsibility, the student needs guidance that matches his skills in order to maximize learning in their zone of proximal development. Therefore, we offer rich tools to facilitate the right scaffolding on the route to student-led learning.

Our Solutions for Student-Led Learning

With a profound passion for student-led learning, we develop products that enable your institution to leverage true student ownership with impact. Our applications are based on the latest insights from our educational partners as well as the state of the art scientific knowledge on educational sciences and technology.

Seamlessly integrated with your LMS