After its first launching year, it’s time for a proper name for our Portfolio application. In the past year, after a successful launch at Fontys Hogescholen in september 2021, we’ve welcomed 8 other higher ed institutes across the Netherlands and Belgium. Together with these institutions that highly value student ownership, we’re looking forward to the continuation of our collaborative co-creation.

We started out with our MVP (minimum viable product) in which students could easily collect and organize their evidence, share access, discuss feedback and create snapshots for submission in Canvas. Over the past year, we’ve collaborated intensively with the Fontys Digital Student Portfolio team and added tons of new features. Currently, we’re investing heavily in the continued development of our portfolio application, to realize a truly student-led development and assessment platform that users love to use.

To fit the ambitions of our educational partners and ourselves with portfolio, we’ve decided to give it a name that reflects the values: Portflow. Let me briefly describe the idea behind the new name: Firstly, the name ‘Portflow’ sounds similar to ‘portfolio’, nudging the initial association in the right direction. Next to that, it is a combination of the words ‘port’ and ‘flow’ that each represent a strong connection with our intention with the product: Port stands for the save haven in which a student can harbor his precious learning experiences, which he has steered in the right place being at the helm himself. Flow reflects the flexibility of the education that we thrive upon as well as the learning journey on which we flow along with the student, effortlessly following him wherever his learning takes him on the unpredictable learning path.

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About the Author: Pieter J. Smits

Product Manager Portflow With a background in Educational Science and Technology, Pieter has a passion for propelling student ownership in education through awesome EdTech. He has been working in EdTech since 2014, always with a mission to stimulate intrinsic student motivation in engaging digital learning environments.