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We have yet another feature to announce! This time, we have made it possible to export your portfolio. All the versions of your evidence are included. This allows you to save the files locally and keep them safe in case you lose access to Portflow (e.g., if the Alumnus Login is not enabled at your institution).

What: export portfolio evidence

The new export feature provides a simple and efficient way to download your portfolio evidence. With just a few clicks, you can now export all of your evidence files into a single ZIP file. This means that you no longer have to bother to download individual files, in case you want to have your files outside Portflow. Simply export the ZIP file and keep it safe on your computer, or upload it to a cloud storage of your choice.

Portfolio export running

Why: full ownership

Being able to export your portfolio can be useful, for example, if you lose access to your Portfolio after graduation or in case your institution stops using Portflow (which is highly unlikely of course 😄). In addition, an export of your portfolio may be useful when you want to transfer your evidence to another portfolio platform.

How: Exporting portfolios in practice

Retrieving your portfolio evidence has never been easier. To use the export feature, simply log in to your account and navigate to the ‘My archive’ tab. Press either the ‘Export portfolio’ button which exports your current portfolio, or press the 3 dots behind a locked portfolio (snapshot) to export that particular version. After pressing the ‘Export’ button, we will compress your evidence files into a single ZIP file, and send you a notification when it’s ready for download. This may take up to a few minutes, depending on the number and size of your evidence files.

Export your portfolio with ease

The ZIP file contains all your evidence files you have uploaded to your portfolio, including documents, images, videos, and more. We will preserve your files in their original format, ensuring that the quality and integrity of your evidence is maintained. Moreover, if you have a URL or video type evidence in your portfolio, they will be included in a webpage file (HTML) as well.




With the new export feature, you can now easily use your evidence files outside Portflow. In case you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.  You can reach us via your Portflow / LMS administrator or directly on Portflow Labs!


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