Qualtrics LTI integration Canvas

Make Qualtrics surveys part of the Canvas learning experience by embedding them within Canvas Courses and collecting enriched data whilst saving distribution time.

Improve student experience & boost response rates

Populate Qualtrics surveys as assignments in Canvas, making them an integral part of the learning journey in a course. It will be like any other assignment in Canvas and has the same functionality, like grading.


Students take the survey in their Canvas environment instead of a separate website. Use Canvas announcements to draw focus to the survey, email invitations are no longer necessary.

Enrich surveys with Canvas data

Enrich the data you collect and create unique surveys with customisable embedded data fields. Add data to your surveys that is already available in Canvas like student names, course-codes and SIS ID. Working with custom data fields allows you to use the same survey across different programs, courses and sub-accounts.

Chamberlain LMS

“By embedding the surveys as assignments in Canvas through Qualtrics LTI, the response rates increased from the mid-30% range up to 57%. Which is the highest we’ve ever seen.”

Kate Hendricks

Manager Surveying & Reporting at Chamberlain University

Flexibility and ownership for faculty

Flexibility and ownership for faculty by allowing them to create and distribute their own surveys as assignments within their respective Canvas courses. Get the most out of your Qualtrics license and let teachers use it within Canvas.


When a survey is completed the submission can be registered, graded or anonymised depending on the objective of the survey. This will be passed back to the Gradebook and allows teachers to use the SpeedGrader as well.

Scalable & Customisable surveys

By connecting different Qualtrics domains to Canvas sub accounts, the distribution and customisation of surveys can be done by individual departments.


Canvas admins are able to manage institute-wide surveys and have an overview of all used surveys.

We help you integrate Qualtrics into Canvas

Our Qualtrics LTI solution enables universities to get the most out of their Canvas LMS. By embedding surveys as assignments through Qualtrics LTI, universities have seen their response rates increase drastically, time saved because of a drop in support-tickets and an increase in a positive student experience.

VPAT documentation available

Always up to date with the latest LTI standards

HECVAT documentation available

Feature Summary

Use Qualtrics surveys in Canvas assignments

Use the Canvas SpeedGrader to grade surveys

Grades can be passed back to Canvas Gradebook

Embed custom data in surveys

Connect multiple Qualtrics domains to Canvas sub accounts

For in-depth information regarding the features or for the 'How to get started with Qualtrics LTI' guides, please visit our user guides.

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Qualtrics LTI integration Canvas

Make Qualtrics surveys part of the Canvas learning experience and save time for teachers, students and admins.

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