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Stimulate networking by providing students with relevant information about their peers


PeerConnect presents rich information about students directly in Canvas LMS to get them connected and stimulate in-class networking. As networking is an important part of the learning experience for many schools, PeerConnect facilitates a professional network environment by using custom profiles cards. The PeerConnect app provides also options to enhance the user experience with an institute specific branding.

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How PeerConnect stimulates networking and provides relevant information

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Provide relevant information on peers, automatically populated from Canvas and your CRM

With the regular People's tab in Canvas, participants get a list of names and email addresses. With the PeerConnect LTI you are able to enrich the available participant information in Canvas with information from your CRM like job-title, company,  or industry or another custom field. This information is automatically generated into profile cards and made available to peers in Canvas by setting-up an integration between PeerConnect and your CRM.


An institute specific look & feel for a professional and optimized user experience!

The seamless integration between Canvas and PeerConnect guarantees a smooth user experience for both web and Canvas mobile. Professionalize your network environment by tailoring the app to the look and feel of your institute. After a one-time set-up, participants can sort on name, company or industry and filter on subsets like course roles, section or groups.

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Connecting with peers has never been so easy!

Learning more about participants and providing professional contact information enables participants to expand their network. The connection with LinkedIn provides peers even to enhance their network directly. Additionally, PeerConnect offers the best-in-place PDF export of the participant list which can be used for in-class distribution.

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PeerConnect is easy to implement


PeerConnect integrates seamlessly with Canvas through the open LTI standard. The application loads directly in the Canvas interface, without requiring any additional login info.


Student data is extremely privacy sensitive. We take all necessary measures to protect this data, using modern standards such as SSL and OAuth. Data is stored exclusively on European servers, guaranteed.


We build software that students and teachers love to use because that's what ultimately decides if it will be used by everyone. Request a demo and you'll be convinced!


Next to the default canvas data fields, it is possible to add custom data fields based on a CRM system to enrich the students profiles

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