Over the years, Drieam has helped many universities and business schools with the implementation and optimization of Canvas LMS.

We’ve often seen the need at these leading schools is to either increase the user adoption of the learning management system and/or the improve the learning experience of its students, like Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Canvas Course Templates, a proposed set-up of a Canvas Course, is a great way to get there. Let us share the approach for this!

What is Canvas Course Templates?

A course template is a proposed set-up for a Canvas course, typically including a homepage and further course pages that might be necessary. Each course template is the outcome of a workshop where the institutional and teacher’s requirements are combined with our Canvas experience and know-how.

How does it work?

01. Customized (visual) course design aligned with the institutional brand

We start with identifying the educational needs and select the Canvas features that will meet these requirements. Then, we proceed with a custom design of your Canvas Course Template according to the look & feel of the institute. Last but not least, we will work closely together with the education institute to implement the Canvas Course Templates in their Canvas environment and their teacher’s way of working.


02. Consistent learning experience

When it comes to learning, we know consistency is key. Our Canvas Course Templates are always carefully designed to be used across a multitude of Canvas courses. By using recognizable elements and recurring navigation, we aim for a more coherent learning experience for all students, across all Canvas courses.



03. Designed to be user-friendly

Our Canvas Course Templates are designed to be intuitive. Moreover, we will always make sure the templates are fully responsive, so users can access Canvas anywhere, anytime and any device.

Using customized Canvas Course Templates will allow teachers to focus more on their teaching material, while students enjoy a consistent way of learning in Canvas. Moreover, Canvas Course Templates have the potential to emphasize the institutional brand value by facilitating the ultimate Canvas learning experience!