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The Power of Canvas as Learning Management System

Canvas is the #1 voted Learning Management System to create the ultimate teaching & learning experience. Easy to use for teachers, engaging for students. A reliable LMS, open for best-of-breed integrations. Making educational institutes ready for growth.


Why others put their trust in Canvas

Canvas allows your university to create a sustainable teaching and learning ecosystem that meets the many diverse needs of your students and faculty. Rolling out the most usable and reliable learning platform (99.9% uptime) makes all the difference when it comes to campus-wide LMS adoption. That’s why Canvas is adopted faster and deeper than any other LMS.


Create the ultimate learning experience

Revamping the digital learning environment (DLE) has huge implications for your organization. Our dedicated Canvas Experts are here to help!

Based on your educational vision and didactic choices, we set up Canvas for you for the most intuitive and integrated learning experience of your educational offerings, within the capabilities of your organization.

Canvas Services


Canvas Key Benefits

Why Canvas is the most loved LMS

The future of learners is a journey of opportunities that should never end – which for today´s ambitious young professionals and busy executives means learning is online, on-the-go and on their time. Canvas its DNA is simple, open, engaging and reliable. It will help you deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences. For every student. Everywhere. Every day.

“Canvas will ultimately help teachers do what they do best: teach. Creating content, grading and feedback are quicker and easier with Canvas, while still being comprehensive and valuable. Teachers and students will reap the rewards of the new system very quickly, and will benefit from less time on admin and more time teaching and learning.”
Dr. Florian Heger, Director if IT at Mannheim Business School



Institutions boosting their digital learning environment with Canvas LMS:

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