Learning Experience Design

Unlock the full potential of Canvas with well designed courses and Canvas course templates, to create a consistent, user friendly and engaging (learning) experience within Canvas for your instructors and learners.


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What learning experience design can do for you

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Deliver seamless learning journeys; online, blended or on campus

User-centered Canvas course design is more important than ever. We help you create intuitive, engaging and well-structure courses for all types of education.

Course designer using course template

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Provide course designers with standardised Canvas course templates and components

The key to intuitive Canvas course design are standardisation and consistency. Drieam’s web designers deliver high-quality and easily editable course templates for Canvas, so the course designer only has to worry about content creation.

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Implement your brand identity throughout Canvas

Your brand matters to your learners, and it matters to us. Through extensive customisation and Canvas learning design principles we will implement your brand identity throughout your Canvas instance.

Before and after using learning experience design in Canvas
Consultant helping course instructor design a course

WHY (4/4)

Create captivating content and engaging learning activities

Students have high expectations of their online learning environment. Our educational consultants will help you design learner journeys and activities that activate your learners and keep them engaged.

Our Canvas Learning Design Principles

Design principles serve as guiding values that shape decisions in course design, fostering uniformity in decision-making among course designers and instructors collaborating on the same courses. Want to know more? Check out our design principles infographic or read more about our process.

Case study

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Yello: Facilitating social connectedness for students taking online courses at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR) aimed to develop an online social platform within Canvas LMS, named Yello, to enhance social interaction beyond the curriculum. EUR partnered with Drieam to realise this platform.

Some of the key benefits achieved:

  • Online social platform is created within a Canvas course & fully tailored to the students needs through co-creation workshops;
  • The platform seamlessly integrated within a Canvas course, featuring a custom Canvas course design;
  • Increased sense of belonging for online students beyond classes and courses;
  • Improved onboarding process and information provision for online students.
Headshot of Lucia Capasso
“The Canvas Course Templates not only look great, they’re really easy to use! They help boost the teaching and learning experience! Word has quickly spread across the university and now other departments are looking to create the same professional digital learning experience. Drieam truly over-delivered on their promises. It’s not every day that one finds such a reliable partner.”
Lucia Capasso, Program Development Director at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Interested in Learning Experience Design?

Drieam has been working with Canvas for 9+ years. Within our organisation we have the unique combination of user-experience designers, educational specialists, and technologists. We can help you get the most out of Canvas, no matter what your goal is. Book a free demo now to see how we can help you and your team.

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