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Let’s explore what features Eduframe by Drieam has to offer. All the features you need to manage and automate your course administration.


The SIS & eCommerce Platform for Canvas and Continuing Education.

Market, sell and deliver your education within one platform.

Course & program management

Plan your face-to-face, blended and online courses. Combine courses into tracks to create modular programs.

Plan Courses

Plan a course with a fixed start & end date, or plan a course to which a student has a predefined number of days access. The course access is automatically synced to Canvas.

Schedule meetings within a course

Schedule meetings within a course with a start- and endtime. Meetings are synchronized to the Canvas calendar as events.

Re-use using course templates

A course template is used to store general information about a course, independent of the edition (course can take place multiple times per year), so information is reused.

Keep overview of all tasks, notes and emails

Use the timeline to keep an overview of the tasks, notes and sent & planned emails related to a course.

Further automate with workflow actions

Use workflow actions to define a list of emails and tasks that should be sent or planned for every course of a certain type.

Publish courses

Choose to publish planned courses automatically to your website, and to external training comparison websites.

Manage & schedule teachers, rooms & other resources

Schedule teachers, rooms and other resources per meeting. Get warnings for double bookings.

Combine courses into tracks

Combine courses into tracks to create modular programs. It is even possible to combine tracks into a new track, for example to create a master degree based on 4 independent modules.

Automate communications

Send emails based on triggers like new enrollment received, or based on time, like a reminder 5 days before the start of the course.

Generate certificates

Certificates can be automatically generated and delivered, based on pre-defined templates. Students can view certificates in their portal. Certificates can have a period of validity.


Get a 360° overview of your contacts and organizations. Link contacts to organizations. Get an overview of enrollments per contact or per organization.


Contacts are the basis of Eduframe. A contact is a student, teacher, key contact for an organization, or all at the same time. Get a complete overview per contact, including all enrollments.

Custom fields

With custom fields it is possible to add any property to contacts or organizations, so you can store all the data you would like.

Register credits or hours per student

Register credit or hours per student automatically based on passing courses. It is also possible to manually add credits that are earned outside of Eduframe.


Link contacts to organizations, and assign key contacts to organizations. Key contacts, like HR managers, can manage the organization and related enrollments.

Personalized portal

Contacts can log-in to their personal portal. Based on their role, they can see and do different things.

Import contacts and organizations

Import easily a large number of contacts and organizations, and map the fields in the Excel sheet/CSV file to the fields in Eduframe. The import can also be done for contacts per organization.

Order & enrollment management

Manage & automate all enrollments via your website, the customer portal or manually entered by the back-office.

Overview orders

Get an overview of all orders. Orders can get automatically confirmed, or a manual confirmation step is possible.

Orders can consist of 1 or more enrollments

It is possible to enroll more students for a course in 1 order. This order can also be created by a key contact, like an HR person.

Track sent emails on the timeline

See all sent emails on the timeline, track whether they are well received, and send them again when needed.

Orders can be B2C or B2B

A contact can have enrollments linked to an organization (B2B), or private enrollments (B2C). The same contact can have both types of enrollments.

Easily add a larger number of students to an order

If you receive for example an Excel list with to-be-enrolled students, they can easily be imported and added in one go to the order.

Automated invoicing

Invoices can be automatically generated using the order info. Invoice & payment status can be synchronized with accounting software.

Marketing, sales & reporting

Initiate new marketing actions based on student & enrollment data. Manage your funnel of sales opportunities, including the waiting list.

Manage your sales funnel

Manage your sales funnel with opportunities in Eduframe. Opportunities can be manually created by the back-office, automatically created via the website (like brochure request), or created by adding students to the waiting list.

Invite for recurring trainings

Get an overview of the students to invite for a recurring training, for example based on the end date on a certificate.

Reporting & business intelligence

Use Microsoft PowerBI to get easy-to-use, easy-to-modify and great looking reports. For example, get an overview on your sales funnel, with the number of leads per type of course.

Email campaigns

Use MailChimp to send targeted email campaigns, based on for example labels assigned to contacts, courses followed, or leads registered for a course.

Integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot or MailChimp

Extend the marketing & sales possibilities by integrating with marketing automation software like Salesforce, Hubspot or MailChimp.

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The SIS & eCommerce platform for Canvas and Continuing Education.