Learn how Online Workforce College scaled its continuing education programs with limited resources.

Online Workforce College’s goal was to create bite-sized training modules that could be stacked together for a comprehensive skills training program. To develop this, OWC needed 3 crucial pieces:

  • Manage classes, administrators, teachers & classroom resources fully online
  • Automate processes & digital credentialing
  • Integrate with their Canvas LMS & different software such as Salesforce

Download the case study to find out how has Eduframe helped OWC to achieve their continuing education goals:

  • Scalable solution for course management & registration: OWC’s enrollment numbers continue to grow, Eduframe is able to keep providing a seamless experience for learners, whilst cutting down the time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Integrations: Eduframe has allowed OWC to integrate with Salesforce to further streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, and ensure operational efficiency whilst maintaining a 360-degree overview of all learners.
  • Extensive API documentation: Eduframe’s well-documented open API enabled OWC to customize and tailor the solution to accommodate edge cases.
  • Fully automated student journey, from website to credential: Eduframe facilitated the enrollment for 800 individual courses offered by OWC and provided automation of digital credentialing. Eduframe facilitated OWC to issue 38,000 credentials to 4,000 users over a 12-month period.

Would you like to find out how Eduframe can help build and scale your continuing education business?