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Empower your CE unit to increase enrollment with modern learning experiences that learners love. Streamline administrative tasks as your business scales, enabling staff to focus on improving education, all within your existing EdTech application landscape.

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Convert non-traditional learners

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Offer a modern learner experience

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scaling leads to increased administrative burden

Save time of staff

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dealing with an existing application landscape

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What do our customers say?

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“It was a very well-managed and well-organized transition, I appreciated the hand-holding and the guided tours. Throughout the transition process we had a great working relationship with our Eduframe customer success manager who was helping us think through all the different possibilities and ways to manage everything efficiently.”

Michael Trest, Dean of Online Workforce College, Jones College

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“At the University of St Andrews we were looking for a system which would integrate with our LMS and offer us the opportunity to handle the user administration of non-matriculated learners easily. We opted for Eduframe, as it streamlines the admissions and payment processes, providing a quick and simple user experience from first visiting our website through to payment and starting a course”

Sarah Franke, Head of Digital Strategic Initiatives, University of St Andrews

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