Adds cross-course student dashboarding & coaching to Canvas LMS

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Foster learner agency with personalised cross-course dashboarding

StudyCoach provides students and coaches with a dashboard with clear insights on progress and performance data across all active courses in Canvas. Within the dashboard students and coaches can view their results and activity, and compare this with other periods of learning.

The dashboards supports ipsative reporting, which means the indicators will only be compared to the learners own performance. The dashboard displays progress per course, derived from submitted assignments and tests, along with the current results.

Cross-course dashboarding
Program level outcome

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Support competence based education with programme level outcome mastery

Canvas provides excellent tooling to measure and monitor learning outcome mastery within a course. With StudyCoach you can extend these insights on a broader, course-overarching level to support competency-based education.

This way the student and coach can identify strengths and areas for improvement in the overall skill and competency development, allowing them to compare outcome mastery across courses. The comprehensible radar chart helps students and coaches determine the number of outcomes within a group where the learner achieved mastery.

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Keep track of student progress by adding the coach role to Canvas

StudyCoach empowers the coach (or learner mentors) to effectively support their learners with a rich set of tools. With StudyCoach, coaches gain access to an overview of their students and personal student dashboards. StudyCoach leverages the observer role in Canvas to enable coaches to access course-level insights.

All StudyCoach users, including students, coaches and even teachers can share notes and messages about the learning progress. These can be personal notes or messages that are shared with others.

Coach role in Canvas

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What makes StudyCoach stand out?

“StudyCoach is a great way to see individual student’s progress over courses, contact them directly and track the mentoring process to help students succeed. It helps communication between counselor, mentor and student.”

Rita Takács, Head of the Student Counselling Centre - ELTE

“StudyCoach empowers students to be in control of their own learning, in line with our vision on education. Thanks to the app, students can see in one overview where they stand in their education.”

Cees de Rooij, Senior teacher & EdTech Ambassador - ROC van Twente



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