Providing clear overviews to stimulate SRL

By combining broad insights into the learning trajectory with simple coaching communication, StudyCoach supports self-regulated learning as the crucial factor in a successful study career.


Self-regulated learning starts with high-value insights

Higher education is becoming increasingly flexible. Students are being prepared for a future in which both lifelong development and unique talents play a major role. Therefore, it is important to provide students with choices in various ways. On the one hand, this stimulates student ownership because they learn to take responsibility over their own learning process both now and in the future. On the other hand, choices provide opportunities for students to prepare their own unique professional profile.

The multitude of choices and flexibility present the necessary challenges to ensure study success. Students are more frequently able to follow their own learning routes and the learning outcomes to be achieved are spread across their chosen courses and modules. It is very important for both students and their mentors to have continuously accurate insights into learning activities, outcomes and progress towards mastery of learning outcomes. Based on these insights, the student can receive or request additional support. Moreover, with the right insights, the student is offered tools for self-regulation. With these, the student can then also give more meaning to their learning trajectory and choices.


StudyCoach adds the coach role to Canvas

StudyCoach builds on the strength of Canvas LMS by facilitating guided self-regulation. The student and their coach are provided with cross-curricular insights into their own learning activities and results. These are supplemented by their progress towards learning outcome mastery. In addition, StudyCoach provides a central place for communication for the student, coach, and teacher triangle. This makes guidance accessible, simple and well-structured.

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What makes StudyCoach stand out?

“StudyCoach is a great way to see individual student’s progress over courses, contact them directly and track the mentoring process to help students succeed. It helps communication between counselor, mentor and student.”

Rita Takács, Head of the Student Counselling Centre - ELTE

“StudyCoach empowers students to be in control of their own learning, in line with our vision on education. Thanks to the app, students can see in one overview where they stand in their education.”

Cees de Rooij, Senior teacher & EdTech Ambassador - ROC van Twente


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