Activating students by making feedback a central part of the learning experience


More effective and less time-consuming feedback

FeedPulse makes feedback more effective and less time-consuming. Students get more engaged as they process and write down the feedback themselves. Both students & teachers gain timely insight in student performance with all feedback accessible in one app.

HILL Model
HILL model

Cross Knowledge


Putting Assessment as Learning from HILL into practice

Assessment as learning is one of the building blocks of HILL: High Impact Learning that Lasts. Assessment as Learning is the base of the theories behind FeedPulse. Assessment as Learning is about collecting and interpreting information about the overall learning process and the student’s performance. The student finds out to what extent this student is making progress. This means that the student continuously seeks and receives constructive feedback and uses this as a start or to monitor his/her learning path. This means that each assessment moment is also a learning moment.

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What makes FeedPulse stand out?

FeedPulse provides us with this need and makes learning more meaningful for students and enables teachers to give a broad grading based on the multiple, diverse tests and moments of feedback.
Eric Slaats, Fontys Hogeschool ICT


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Activate students by stimulating linear learning and visualizing feedback
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