Wibran Dochy, Filip Dochy and Margo Janssens wrote a great article (NL) in 2018 about Assessment as Learning (AaL) – Building Block of High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL). More and more universities of applied sciences are putting Assessment as Learning – a relatively new form of assessment, which attempts to better integrate feedback into the learning process – into practice – including Fontys Hogeschool ICT and Thomas More. Assessment moments are transformed into learning moments.

What is Assessment as Learning?

Assessment is about collecting and interpreting information about the learning process on the one hand and the student’s performance on the other. The student finds out to what extent one is making progress and how far one stands within the development path. This means that the student continuously seeks and receives constructive feedback and uses it as a start or monitoring of his/her learning path. In this way, each assessment moment is also a learning moment. ‘Assessment as Learning’ advocates the use of (process) data collected during the learning process as a source of information to evaluate learning (Dochy, Dochy and Janssens, 2018).

If you receive continuous feedback and each assessment moment is also a learning moment that serves for monitoring, your ‘drive’ to learn will continue. Assessment is contextualized and integrated into the learning process.

How does FeedPulse support Assessment as Learning?

FeedPulse is currently being used at several colleges to put Assessment as Learning into practice. Feedback is seen as an important part of the learning process. The instructor provides verbal feedback, the student processes the feedback himself in FeedPulse and then receives a smiley-rating from the instructor about his performance at that moment. The different measuring moments together give a good picture of the student’s development. The student gains timely insight into his development and can therefore adjust earlier.

Eric Slaats (Fontys Hogeschool ICT) and Isabel Deprez (Thomas More Hogeschool) tell in the testimonial below (in Dutch) how they put Assessment as Learning into practice using FeedPulse.