Learn how Southeast Community College streamlined Qualtrics surveys in Canvas LMS

Southeast Community College (SCC) has started a new student enrollment process for undergraduate students housed within Canvas LMS, which includes an “advising inventory survey” to identify students’ goals, strengths, and weaknesses

To support this new enrollment process, SCC needed to find a way for their Student Information System data such as names, SIS ID, enrollment term flow into their Qualtrics surveys to reduce manual entry error and have high-quality data for reporting purposes. As well as, provide students with one platform with the key resources needed for their successful transition to college classes.

That’s when SCC came across Qualtrics LTI by Drieam, an LTI integration to bring Qualtrics surveys inside the LMS.

Download the case study to find out how has Qualtrics LTI helped SCC to achieve:

Streamlined surveys – Qualtrics LTI enabled SCC to seamlessly distribute new enrollment process surveys within Canvas LMS, eliminating the need for paper and pencil surveys.

Time saved – The integration significantly reduced manual work for staff, saving time and effort in data collection and entry.

Improved data accuracy & insights – SCC populates Canvas LMS student data in Qualtrics surveys through Qualtrics LTI, ensuring accuracy of data, supporting data-driven reporting and decision making.

Improved student experience – Students no longer have to leave their learning environment to complete surveys.

Increased response rates – The improved student experience with surveys embedded as assignments in Canvas resulted in response rates as high as 90%.