Earlier this month, the Eduframe by Drieam team attended the 2023 Convergence: Credential Innovation in Higher Education conference.

Going into the Thanksgiving holiday period, we’re looking back at an amazing event – hopefully one of many to come.

From the opening session, it was clear that having brought together folks from both the continuing education (UPCEA) and registrar’s (AACRAO) offices was going to yield interesting conversations.

Over the course of the two-day conference, we enjoyed learning about what institutions are doing in terms of micro-credentials (both for-credit and not-for-credit), comprehensive learning records (CLRs), and competency-based education (CBE).

We particularly enjoyed the session we co-hosted with Michael Trest, Dean of the Online Workforce College. Michael inspired attendees when talking about the way OWC is creating impact in its local community, issuing 38,000 credentials to over 4,000 learners. We couldn’t be more excited to continue collaborating with Michael on the OWC’s mission.

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About the Author: Egle Talandyte