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We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience of our users and help them achieve their goals. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new feature for Portflow: Alumnus Login. This feature ties into our lifelong learning vision since it allows students who have graduated to continue using our application, even after they’ve completed their studies.

One of the benefits of our portfolio software is that it allows students to create a digital portfolio of their work, which they can use to showcase the development of their skills and achievements to potential employers. This is especially useful for students in creative fields such as art, design, and photography, where having a solid portfolio is essential for finding a job.

However, up until now, students who have graduated often have had to stop using our application, as their access to the software was tied to their Canvas or Brightspace accounts. With Alumnus Login, this is no longer an issue. Once a student graduates, they’ll be able to continue using our application by logging in with an external login provider (e.g. Google, and more to come). This means that they can continue to update their portfolio and keep it accessible, even after they’ve completed their studies.

Alumnus login for extended access to your portfolio

A student can configure the external login provider of their choice before they graduate using the newly added ‘My settings’ page found under the avatar in the top right corner of Portflow. This feature is off by default, and every institution can opt in by toggling the ‘Alumnus login’ switch in the admin panel.

Learn more on how to set up an external login method as a user and how to log in after graduation in our knowledge base.



We believe this feature will help alumni achieve their goals and make the transition from student to professional as smooth as possible. As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new feature. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us through your Portflow / LMS administrator or directly, when you have joined our Portflow Labs user community.


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