Coach Dashboard

Ready to take your coaching and mentoring game to the next level? Portflow has just rolled out an exciting new feature – the Coaching Dashboard – designed to give you real-time insights into the learning activities of your students. Get ready to evolve your coaching approach with this feature, which not only simplifies monitoring but also enhances your ability to offer proactive support and adequate scaffolding.

Understanding your students’ learning experiences as they unfold is key to delivering timely and effective coaching. The Coaching Dashboard is here to address this need, providing coaches, mentors, and teachers with the ability to gain live insights into the portfolio activities of student groups. No more need to sift through individual portfolios – Portflow makes monitoring the capturing and processing of learning experiences a breeze.

What is the Coaching Dashboard and How Does it Work?

Portflow’s Coaching Dashboard is seamlessly integrated into your LMS, accessible with just a click from the course-level navigation. As coaches, mentors, and teachers navigate to Portflow, they are automatically directed to the new dashboard. This user-friendly interface presents an overview of all active students within a course, complete with key activity metrics. Keep track of:

  • Last usage
  • Number of …
    • Created evidences
    • Feedback comments given in other portfolios
    • Created feedback requests
    • Initiated progress reviews

But that’s not all – the dashboard goes a step further by allowing you to sort and view changes (increase/decrease) in any chosen period. Need to dive deeper into a student’s portfolio? Simply click on their name, and you’ll be taken directly to their portfolio (provided you have access). For the portfolios you don’t have access to, requesting permission is just a click away.

Existing overviews offered by your LMS keep being the place where you can maintain monitoring of teacher-led activities, like portfolio assignments, deadlines and summative assessments. The Portflow Coaching Dashboard adds formative insights into the delivery of education to the summative insights that the LMS offers.

Coach Dashboard within a course

What’s Coming Next?

Portflow has big plans for the Coaching Dashboard! In the pipeline are additional features that will further enrich your coaching experience. Imagine being able to track goal progressions seamlessly within the same dashboard. The future holds even more valuable insights, enhancing your ability to guide students towards their educational milestones. Join the Portflow Labs user group to participate in the conversation and let us know what you would like to see in future iterations of the Coaching Dashboard.

Our team of experts is here and ready to help you make the most of this new feature. Make sure to reach out to learn more about the Coaching Dashboard or to book a demo if you’re not using Portflow yet.

About the Author: Pieter J. Smits

Product Manager Portflow With a background in Educational Science and Technology, Pieter has a passion for propelling student ownership in education through awesome EdTech. He has been working in EdTech since 2014, always with a mission to stimulate intrinsic student motivation in engaging digital learning environments.