We’re excited to bring you the new milestone in the way you can track, assess and enhance the learning journey — Aggregated Goal Feedback. This powerful addition is designed to provide students, teachers, and coaches alike with a comprehensive view of all qualitative goal feedback. With this new addition, Portflow has taken a leap forward as the central place where skill development based on learning experiences in the entire learning journey comes together.

Students collect lots of feedback in Portflow in its purpose as a development portfolio, and it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to find all relevant feedback without practical help present. Imagine a student collecting evidence of learning experiences, processes, and results in their portfolio collections. They have invited all relevant parties that could provide valuable perspectives on their learning journey and performance like their peers, teachers, experts, and coaches for (360°) feedback. For both the student and their teachers and coaches, it’s not always easy to find all relevant feedback that concerns a specific goal (e.g., competency, skill, outcome, objective). After all, feedback can be received in various places, such as in progress reviews, in collections or on specific evidence.

Where to find aggregated goal feedback?

In the goal card (where all information is presented on goals), we’ve added a new tab, called ‘Feedback’. In addition to the goal details, history (timeline), quantitative growth charts, and linked evidence, the Feedback tab provides a chronological overview of all received feedback on that goal. This not only contains an overview of all narrative feedback from progress reviews over time, but also contains feedback that students have linked from their collections and evidence that pertains to that goal. Moreover, this chronological overview is filterable on role (student, expert, teacher, coach, external, etc.), type, and time.

Linking feedback to goals: highlighting relevant narrative

Feedback that was received on progress reviews, pertaining to a goal, is automatically added to the aggregated goal feedback. In addition, students can link feedback that they have received on specific pieces of evidence or in collections to one or more goals. Each comment that is part of the feedback dialogue can be linked to goals, and in that action, the student is able to highlight the content within that comment that is relevant to the selected goal(s). Moreover, the student can optionally indicate why they have selected that particular piece of feedback to be linked to that goal. This can be used, e.g., to indicate various perspectives on their performance on a goal, their process over time, and the baseline from which they started out. It could also be used to spotlight specific strengths and areas of improvement indicated by valuable stakeholders in their learning journey. In the aggregated goal feedback, the entire context and source of all linked feedback is presented, including the highlighted pieces and notes by the student.

Aggregated goal feedback in the goal card

Pedagogical significance

The addition of Aggregated Goal Feedback adds a tremendous value to the pedagogy and didactics of Portflow as a student-owned overarching learning experience portfolio, from various perspectives.

  1. Holistic Learning Assessment
    Aggregated Goal Feedback allows users to consolidate all qualitative feedback related to goals in one centralized location (the goal card). This holistic approach enables a comprehensive understanding of students’ progress, ensuring users won’t miss any valuable insights from teachers, peers, coaches, experts, or other stakeholders from the learning journey.
  2. Strategic Goal Alignment
    By linking specific parts of feedback received on evidence and collections to goals, students create a direct connection between learning artifacts, and the overarching objectives they’re striving to achieve. This strategic alignment fosters a clear understanding of how each piece of evidence and learning activity contributes to their educational journey, empowering students to give more meaning to their own learning.
  3. Enhanced Reflective Practice
    The chronological overview provides a timeline of qualitative feedback received on a goal. This not only offers a historical perspective, enriched with context and role perspectives, but also facilitates dynamic reflection on the learning evolution over time. The ability to filter feedback on type, role, and date empowers students to engage in reflective practice more effectively. Analyzing specific aspects of feedback allows for targeted self-assessment, promoting a deeper understanding of strengths and challenges.
  4. Informed Goal Adjustments
    With Aggregated Goal Feedback, students and coaches can make informed adjustments to goals based on the collective insights gathered from various roles and perspectives. This iterative process ensures that the learning objectives remain relevant, achievable, and tailored to the student’s evolving educational needs.


AUAS, as an involved cocreation partner, on the subject of this addition

Value for the student

Students have self-direction in attributing feedback to a goal. Even if the feedback text is about multiple goals, the student can highlight which piece of feedback is about which goal.

Value for the coach

For coaches, filtering feedback by different roles (student, expert, teacher, coach, external) is a great addition to quickly get an impression in progress on a goal.

Mieke Willering and Jan-Pieter Zuiderveen, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences



Portflow for holistic learning progress insights

The launch of Aggregated Goal Feedback is a big step forward in our commitment to providing you with a platform that not only organizes learning artifacts, but also gives users actionable insights. As you explore this new feature, we encourage you to actively engage with your learning community and the user community in Portflow Labs, leveraging the wealth of qualitative feedback to propel your educational journey to new heights. We’re excited to witness the positive impact Aggregated Goal Feedback will have on your learning experience.

Our team of experts is here and ready to help you make the most of this new feature. Make sure to reach out to learn more about Aggregated Goal Feedback or to book a demo if you’re not using Portflow yet.

About the Author: Pieter J. Smits

Product Manager Portflow With a background in Educational Science and Technology, Pieter has a passion for propelling student ownership in education through awesome EdTech. He has been working in EdTech since 2014, always with a mission to stimulate intrinsic student motivation in engaging digital learning environments.