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Let's explore what features Portfolio by Drieam has to offer as a student-led development & assessment portfolio. How is the student in control, how is authentic feedback leveraged, how is scaffolding provided?

The process of working with portfolio's can be divided into three main steps:


Build & Organize


Share & Collect Feedback


Lock & Submit

Build & Organize

Arrange and structure the portfolio through collections, representing competencies, outcomes or projects and add a touch of color.

Organize collections into sections (e.g. periods, phases or type of skills).

Import (graded) Canvas assignment submissions from a course and not only the product(s), but also the authentic feedback from the teacher is included.

Upload new materials and directly preview them in the portfolio, enabling quick feedback.

Apply templates created by teachers or staff to help structure the portfolio.

Add goals and track development progress.

The iterative learning and improvement process is fully supported through multiple versions of evidence, whilst keeping sight of all feedback on earlier versions.

Share & Collect Feedback

A student can determine who has access and for how long, harnessing ownership and ensuring privacy. Choose to share the entire portfolio or a specific collection.

Next to easy sharing with other users from within the LMS (Canvas), external shares enable the inclusion of people outside the institution and their invaluable insights to be involved in the feedback process.

Through feedback requests, a student can ask for targeted feedback.

Through threaded comments, the feedback can be discussed in order to achieve mutual understanding.

Using rich formatting and attachments, feedback can be provided structured and enriched to optimize value and clarity.

Lock & Submit

A student can create a locked copy of selected collections and evidence to prepare for submission. A locked copy can no longer be edited and can be used for summative assessment.

A locked copy can be submitted in a Canvas assignment and be assessed in SpeedGrader by a Teacher.

A locked copy can serve as a showcase portfolio and embedded in other places.

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