The SIS & eCommerce Platform For Canvas And Continuing Education

Attract learners and make them come back for more, save time of staff by automating manual work and provide the most engaging online experiences.

Eduframe 2

Make your continuing education thrive

Market, sell and deliver your education within one platform.
Eduframe has got you covered from end-to-end.
Now and the day after tomorrow.


Organize online, blended and F2F education with the utmost ease

2. Make your continuing education thrive

Always the latest and greatest in EdTech, like stackable and personalized programs


Full customisation possibilities, from your unique online catalog to own SIS fields adaptation


Attract & retain learners

Attract & Retain learners

Storefront integrations
Courses can be automatically published to the website, so manual updating all courses with dates & prices is in the past.

Attract & Retain learners

Custom payment
Easy registration and payment possibilities for learners. The registration forms are fully customizable.

Attract & Retain learners

Marketing & Sales alignment
Capture areas of interest of learners and follow-up on these opportunities. Flawless integration with CRM and marketing automation tooling.

Save time for staff

Save time for staff

Administration optimization
Manage & automate all orders via your website, the customer portal or manually entered by the back-office.

Save time for staff

Planning facilitation
Plan courses with locations, teachers, resources & to-do lists.Plan courses with a start and end-date, whether it is cohort, self-paced or on-demand.

Save time for staff

Real-time synchronization
A 360 view of new learners will be created automatically after they've enrolled for a course with the real-time sync to your CRM.

Attract learners and keep it simple for staff

  • A stunning front-end to attract new learners
  • A flawless experience to retain existing learners
  • A central hub to make things easy for staff

SIS & eCommerce for Canvas


Sync courses in sub accounts

Courses created in Eduframe are synced to Canvas with the relevant properties. They are grouped in sub accounts based on course categories in Eduframe.

2. SIS & eCommerce for Canvas

Sync users & enrollments

Contacts in Eduframe are synced to Canvas and automatically get access to the right course at the predefined moment in time.

3. SIS & eCommerce for Canvas

Events in calendar

Meetings planned in Eduframe for F2F or blended courses are synced to the Canvas calendar as events. This way, students have a complete overview in their Canvas calendar.

4. SIS & eCommerce for Canvas

Portal with single sign-on

All users log-in to their personal portal with the information relevant to them. Eduframe and Canvas use single sign-on, so no need to have multiple logins.

Use the tools you love

Say goodbye to mind-numbing work. Integrate Eduframe with your existing and future tools so your team can get back to focusing on the important things they need to get done.


Eduframe will help you stand out


Purpose built for Canvas

To provide seamless experiences for both learners and staff. Learners will have a flawless digital experience from their first website visit, to course enrollment and Canvas usage.

Future-proof open platform

EdTech is evolving at breakneck speed, so we believe you should be able to use best-of-breed software. That's why Eduframe fits perfectly within your existing and future IT landscape. It's a central hub to simplify the growing IT infra.

Canvas course Templates

Valuing your uniqueness

We believe universities need to be flexible and adaptable in this ever changing market. That's why ownership of Eduframe is as easy as it should be.

Your storefront can be shown exactly as you like it, to make your continuing education stand out. Also, your team can easily edit custom fields themselves so you are in full control.

Michael Cresswell - Cambridge
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"I’m sure it goes without saying that one of the most important things to look for in a Canvas partner is a really in-depth knowledge of the platform, and in that regard Drieam have consistently delivered above and beyond. Drieam’s Eduframe solution has saved us an awful lot of time and money. And having a single partner to work with has been of great value to us. "

- Michael Cresswell, Director of Design and Online Learning at Cambridge University Online

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