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A student-led development and assessment portfolio, leveraging authentic feedback.

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Ownership through scaffolding

Students need to be prepared for a rapidly changing future in which lifelong learning is an integral part. In order to become successful, being and remaining responsible for one's own learning is an important condition.

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We believe that the best way to learn responsibility is by giving students as much ownership as possible over their own learning process: learning to take control themselves in order to learn from it optimally. Being able to take ownership is a learning process in which scaffolding on the route is crucial for a good success. On this route to ownership, the teacher can always offer the right guidance and reduce it appropriately, so that the student learns in his own zone of proximal development. The teacher determines the scaffolding, the student makes use of the freedoms obtained.

What is Portfolio by Drieam?

Portfolio is a plug-in (LTI app) for your LMS. In Portfolio, students can make their developmental progress visible and accountable under their own control by collecting evidence, asking for feedback from teachers, peers, and experts, and creating an assessment file. Teachers can provide students with the necessary scaffolding in this process.

Everything takes place within the trusted environment that your LMS offers so that users benefit from both barrier-free visual integration and a seamless functional connection.

Make Programmatic Assessment A Breeze!

Set goals, link rich data points, gather feedback, and keep track of developmental progress at the flick of a wrist.

  1. Set goals

    Created by the student or suggested by the programme.

  2. Add data points

    Easily add evidence from countless sources as data points to goals.

  3. Gather feedback

    Collect feedback from peers, experts, teachers, and coaches.

  4. Evaluate progress

    Ask for evaluations or do a self-assessment.

  5. Keep track

    Clear insights into your developmental progress.


Authentic feedback@1x

Authentic 360° feedback

Import LMS assignment submissions including feedback.


Assessment in your Grader

Select evidence for final submission and grade in your LMS or grading application.

Iterative learning@1x

Support iterative learning

Create multiple versions of evidence and track improvements.

Learn from anyone@1x

Learn from anyone

Invite LMS and
external users to provide feedback.

What makes Portfolio by Drieam unique?


Integrated with your LMS

Portfolio integrates seamlessly with your LMS: dedicated global navigation, import submitted assignment attempts as evidence, freeze portfolio to hand in for it to be assessed in the Grader.


Student ownership

At Drieam, we believe that student motivation is powered by their autonomy. With a teacher-independent platform like Portfolio, the student is in full control.


Scaffolding on the route

The teacher can provide the right scaffolding in Portfolio through templates, feedback and much more to enable students to build towards their ownership.


Development & Assessment

Portfolio aims to optimally facilitate the iterative learning process of creation, feedback and reflection. Ultimately to assess the personal growth path a student has completed.

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